Our Core Values:

  • Jesus hit His knees to maintain intimacy and get instructions from His Father ... so will we! (Mark 1:35)
  • Jesus lived in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit... so will we! (Luke 4:14)
  • Jesus learned the Scriptures and lived by them... so will we! (Matthew 4:1-11)
  • Jesus passionately loved God and compassionately loved others... so will we! (1 John 5:3; Matt. 9:36)
  • Jesus walked with 12 and apprenticed them to walk with others... so will we! (Matt. 28:19-20)
  • Jesus came to seek and save the lost... so will we! (Luke 19:10)
  • Jesus befriended sinners and made them know they belong... so will we! (Matt. 9:10)
  • Jesus is praying for our unity, that we will lock arms with all Christ-followers... so will we! (John 17:23)
  • Jesus valued and welcomed children... so will we! (Mark 10:16)
  • Jesus said what we do for the prisoner, the hungry, the thirsty, or the sick, we have done to Him... so will we! (Matt. 25:44)

Position Papers:


Centerpoint is a member of the Reformed Church in America. Click here for a complete statement of beliefs.

Centerpoint Church

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