Infant/Child Baptism

We are delighted that you are considering baptism for your child!


We believe that infant/child baptism is:

  • Acknowledging the covenant PROMISE of grace extended by God.
  • Community commitment & celebration
  • Anticipating with expectation the infant's personal positive response to God's covenant grace, extended to us before we understand.

Sample Baptism Video!

How it works!

All parents are asked to follow these steps:


  1. Check the Infant/Child Baptism Calendar and decide on which date you would like to have your child baptized.
  2. Check the Baptism Legacy Class Calendar and decide which date you will attend. This is REQUIRED for all first-time parents, however, if you have already attended a class in the past, you do not need to attend again.
  3. Fill out the Infant/Child Baptism Application Form (below)
  4. After your application has been approved, you (and your family) will then work with our Video Team (Overneath Media) and create a short (30 second) baptism video .
    • The point of this video is for you to communicate to the congregation the PROMISE you are making to model and teach your child the Christian faith and the dream you have for them.
    • As part of the application form, you will be asked to write out what you will say. This script will then be sent to the Lead Pastor, Jeff Porte, for approval. We will notify you when it is approved and then you may proceed with filming your video.
    • If you would like to include a life verse you may do so - but you do not need to. If you do, please choose ONE verse.
    • Bring 5-10 pictures of your child with you to the taping (examples may include: Bringing your child home from the hospital, an outdoor picture, a family picture, etc). These will be used by the Video Team to enhance your video.
  5. Baptisms are a great reason for inviting family & friends to come to church for this special occasion! Be sure to invite them to come! We will reserve pews at the front of the church for you and your family to sit together.

Please note: In order to have an appropriate amount of time to complete all of the steps required for baptism, we ask that you respect the deadline dates. Thank you!

Infant/Child Baptism Calendar

September 16

Deadline to register: August 26




This form MUST be completed to be enrolled for infant/child baptism!

Please note: As part of this form, you will be asked to submit a script of what you will say for your video.  There is a sample video to view at the top of this page to give you some idea of what to expect and also what others have done for their videos.

Infant/Child Baptism Application Form

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