The goal of our children's program (Moppets) is to provide a nurturing, safe environment for your children!

Well-Baby Policy

Emergency Situations
(Fire Alarm)

All healthy babies are welcome into the Nursery!


However, children showing the following signs must stay with parents due to possible cold or beginning of communicable disease:

  • Unusually flushed face
  • Unusual skin irritation or rash
  • Water-matted eyes
  • Frequent coughing or sneezing
  • Sudden chills
  • Vomiting/loose stools
  • Unclear runny nose
  • Unusual grumpiness

If fire alarm sounds, everyone will prepare to evacuate immediately.


Caregivers are not to give babies to anyone in the hallway or outside (even parents or relatives known to them). Caregivers will explain this policy and invite them to walk out the building with them.


For infant Bunnies room, each Caregiver will carry two (2) babies and exit as a whole group.

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