Adult Life Stage Director


Responsible for the implementation of the Adult ministry’s strategies at the campus level as designed in collaboration with the Life Stage team (LST). Adult Ministries includes: Prayer & Care, Community, Missions & Service, and Mobilization.

CORE RESPONSIBILITIES (with % emphasis for each):

Spiritual and Organizational Leadership (45%)

• Work with the Executive Director and the LST to implement a comprehensive strategy for integration and spiritual growth that aligns all Adult Ministries activities (prayer, groups, local outreach, missions, hospitality, and care) with the existing vision and mission of CP.
• Consistently cast a clear, Christ-centered vision for biblical community/hospitality, outreach/missions, care/support and spiritual growth that inspires and motivates others to engage on deeper levels.
• Create and maintain systems and processes to coordinate all Adult Ministries programs and events (scheduling, resources, communication, etc).
• Define, document, and track annual, quarterly, and monthly goals related to areas of responsibility that express the mission and values of CP. Regularly evaluate for wins and ways to improve.
• Develop metrics – both qualitative and quantitative – to measure spiritual engagement of people in the Adult Life Stage.
• Meet regularly with direct reports and key volunteers to provide ongoing coaching, feedback and leadership.
• Identify and equip leaders and teams who embrace, advocate for, and implement the integration and discipleship strategies of CP.

Discipleship (40%)

• Cultivate small group communities that study the Bible and apply its truth to their everyday lives, build authentic relationships, and support one another through life.
• Innovate and evaluate (including stopping ) experiences that encourage and equip adults to follow Jesus and/or serve community members in a way that attracts them to CP and reflects the love and truth of Jesus.

Administration (10%)

• Responsible for the development and management of the budget for Adult Ministries.
• Communicate regularly with volunteers to inform them of upcoming events, evaluate effectiveness, consider improvements, and address any issues that may need to be resolved.
• Meet regularly with the Executive Director to align priorities and practices with the mission and values of CP.
• Research and leverage technology for ministry impact


Strategic Agility—Is future oriented and can articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities.
Creativity—Analyzes problems/needs and creates breakthrough solutions.
Priority Setting—Creates focus and can quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal.
Integrity and Trust—Keeps confidences and can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner.


Full time, salaried (40-45 hours per week).